Pool LED Lighting InstalledThere are many custom options and a variety of swimming pool products that can be installed on your swimming pool. These swimming pool accessories that will no only provide a more up to date look, will be functional and allow you to enjoy these new swimming pool features, yet save you money. For example, LED swimming pool and spa lights provide dazzling light shows right in your own backyard swimming pool! Your swimming pool light will transition bright colors in the water and perform a color “Light Show”. These are the brightest lights in the industry. A normal swimming pool light light burns 300 Watts, LED only 35. Ultra-thin LED light technology replaces the old thick huge LED color lights that not always fit in completely, so now ultra sleek modern thin design. I have put these LED swimming pool lights and have references if you are interested, please give me a call.

  • LED Lighting for Swimming Pool & Spa ~ Brightest in the Industry!
  • Stone Spa Spill Over Ledges
  • Swimming Pool Fountains for Returns
  • Residential Pool Cleaning Ormond Beach, FLSwimming Pool Heaters
  • Swimming Pool Filter Replacements
  • Swimming Pool Salt Systems
  • Swimming Pool Cleaners
  • Filter Backwash Hose & Clamp
  • Anti-Vortex Safety Drains Eliminate Suction Entrapment
  • Never Lube High Temp Two Way Valves
  • And Much More!

Hayward Pools creates stunning and low cost color LED lighting for pools of all sizes.